Date: 18.01.2024

by Antoni Majewski

IGT Secures Key Contract Extension for UK National Lottery’s System Transformation

International Game Technology PLC (IGT), a dominant player in the global lottery market, has announced a pivotal contract extension to continue its role in the UK National Lottery’s upcoming system transformation, under the Allwyn-led initiative.

IGT’s Continued Partnership with the UK National Lottery

International Game Technology PLC (NYSE: IGT), a leader in lottery technology, has been entrusted with a significant contract extension to sustain the core lottery system of the UK National Lottery. This extension comes as the National Lottery prepares for a major system overhaul, part of Allwyn’s comprehensive transformation program.

Jay Gendron, IGT COO Global Lottery, expressed satisfaction in IGT’s continued involvement with the National Lottery, working in collaboration with various suppliers and Allwyn. This partnership signifies a vote of confidence in IGT’s technology and expertise.

IGT: A Global Force in Lottery Technology

IGT’s role in the global lottery market is unparalleled. As the primary technology provider to 25 lotteries in the United States, and a key player in eight of the world’s top 10 lotteries, as well as 16 of the top 25, IGT’s expertise and reach are unmatched. Their continued partnership with the UK National Lottery further cements their position as a global leader in lottery technology.

IGT’s Impact and Future in Lottery Technology

The extension of IGT’s contract with the UK National Lottery underscores the company’s significant impact and trust within the global lottery community. Their extensive experience and proven track record with major lotteries worldwide make them a reliable and innovative partner for the National Lottery’s ambitious transformation under Allwyn’s guidance.

As the lottery industry continues to evolve with new technologies and player demands, IGT’s role in shaping the future of this sector becomes increasingly vital. Their expertise in both the technical and operational aspects of lottery management positions them well to navigate and lead in this dynamic environment.

In conclusion, IGT’s continued partnership with the UK National Lottery not only highlights their current achievements but also points to a future where their influence and innovations could further transform and modernize global lottery operations.