Date: 14.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

Leadership Transition at Nederlandse Loterij: A New Era Begins

Nederlandse Loterij, a premier Dutch lottery organization, has announced a significant leadership change. Arjan Blok, currently serving as the CFO, has been named the future CEO.

His appointment is set to take effect following the conclusion of Niels Onkenhout’s final term as the current CEO, by no later than September 1, 2024.

A Period of Growth and Transformation

Alexander Pechtold, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board (RvC) of Nederlandse Loterij, expressed sincere appreciation for the current leadership, highlighting their contribution to the organization’s development.

Under Onkenhout and Blok’s leadership, Nederlandse Loterij has evolved into a hub for strong gaming brands, focusing on responsible gaming and increasing contributions to society. Blok’s crucial role in the company’s digital transformation and maintaining positive financial results has established him as the ideal successor.

Continuing Responsible Leadership

Onkenhout, who assumed the CEO position in 2016, played a pivotal role in merging two major Dutch lottery organizations, creating Nederlandse Loterij.

His leadership has led to record contributions to Dutch society, sports, and charitable causes. His final term will conclude on September 1, 2024, paving the way for Blok to steer Nederlandse Loterij into its next chapter.

Our Comment on the Article

The upcoming leadership transition at Nederlandse Loterij marks a significant moment in the organization’s history. With Arjan Blok set to take over from Niels Onkenhout, the company is poised to continue its trajectory of responsible growth and digital innovation.

This change reflects a strategic move, underlining the importance of continuity in leadership and vision for the future of the gaming industry. It’s a testament to the strong foundation laid down by Onkenhout and an indication of the promising direction the Nederlandse Loterij is headed under Blok’s upcoming tenure.