by Mateusz Mazur

Newcastle United and Sportsbet.io Forge Multi-Year Partnership

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Newcastle United Football Club has unveiled an exciting multi-year partnership with Sportsbet.io, a prominent online sports technology and betting platform.

A subsidiary of Yolo Group, Sportsbet.io has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the digital landscape of the sports industry, offering fans immersive experiences through cutting-edge content, insightful analytics, and unique features like cryptocurrency betting.

Significant step

In the words of Peter Silverstone, Chief Commercial Officer of Newcastle United, this collaboration marks a significant step towards redefining the club’s engagement strategies. Silverstone highlighted the shared commitment to exploring novel ways of connecting with fans and sports enthusiasts alike. The partnership with Sportsbet.io adds a layer of digital expertise to the Newcastle United family, aiming to create compelling content and incentives that resonate with supporters across the globe.

Silverstone also noted his firsthand experience of Sportsbet.io’s innovative approach, praising their ability to engage fans by introducing groundbreaking ideas and initiatives. With a history of boundary-pushing engagements, Sportsbet.io’s addition to Newcastle United’s roster of partners is expected to energize the club’s global fan base.

Elevating fan engagement

Tim Heath, the founder of Yolo Group, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating “We are absolutely delighted to partner with Newcastle United – a milestone moment for both organisations.

“This partnership represents an incredible opportunity to connect with fans not just locally, but across the globe. We share a common vision to push the boundaries of digital innovation in the sports industry and we are thrilled to work hand in hand with the club to create unforgettable moments for these dedicated supporters worldwide.

“This is a great partnership for everybody involved and we thank Kalus Kenny Intelex and ISG for their invaluable contributions in making this a reality.”

This partnership marks a significant stride for Newcastle United and Sportsbet.io, and their collective efforts to elevate fan engagement. The club’s collaboration with Sportsbet.io exemplifies a commitment to harnessing the power of digital innovation to create lasting memories and meaningful connections for sports enthusiasts across the globe. The partnership is seen as a result of combined efforts, with recognition extended to Kalus Kenny Intelex and ISG for their integral contributions in making this partnership a reality.

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