Date: 08.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Scientific Games Secures Extension with Oregon Lottery for Premier Scratch-Its

Scientific Games, a global leader in gaming and lottery products, has solidified its relationship with the Oregon Lottery through a five-year contract extension.

Scientific Games Secures Extension with Oregon Lottery for Premier Scratch-Its

This deal ensures the continued creation and production of their world-leading instant scratch games, which have been a staple since 2010. The company’s partnership has produced popular titles like ‘Rose Gold Riches’ and ‘5X the Cash’, as well as festive holiday games and innovative offerings like ‘Firewolf’, featuring their unique Scratch My Back enhancement for extended play.

Statements from the Lottery and Scientific Games

Tina Erickson, the Lottery Products Portfolio Manager for the Oregon Lottery, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing partnership: “We’re happy to continue our positive Scratch-it relationship with Scientific Games.” She highlighted the variety and entertainment value provided to retailers and players, as well as the support these games offer to crucial programs throughout Oregon.

In response, John Schulz, President of Americas & Global Instant Products for Scientific Games, stated: “We’re happy to help the Oregon Lottery maximize proceeds to its good cause programs with our high-performance instant products…We’re committed to bringing innovative instant scratch game experiences to players around the world, all based on analytics and insights that drive results.”

Impact and Reach of Scientific Games

The collaboration between Scientific Games and the Oregon Lottery not only entertains players but also significantly contributes to the state’s welfare, with the lottery’s proceeds supporting public education, veteran services, and environmental conservation, among other initiatives.

In the fiscal year 2022, the Oregon Lottery’s contribution to these programs was a remarkable $908.3 million.

Our Comment on the Article

The strategic alliance between Scientific Games and the Oregon Lottery exemplifies the powerful synergy between innovative gaming experiences and social responsibility.

With their extensive portfolio and commitment to using data-driven insights, Scientific Games not only captivates players but also plays a pivotal role in funding state programs that benefit Oregonians.

This extension reaffirms their status as a top provider for instant games globally and showcases the potential of such partnerships to drive positive community outcomes.

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