Date: 10.01.2023

by Bartosz Burzyński

Last update: 24.01.2023 13:54

Skilrock Technologies to hold Global Annual Meet 2023 in India

The event is scheduled to be conducted on 12 January 2022 as a part of thought leadership initiatives by the esteemed company. It already stands loaded with international insights, knowledge sharing, technological advancements, entertaining & fun activities, and much more. It will bring together Skilrock’s associates, team members from different parts of the world, top management and other important delegates on a single platform.

This year’s talks are essential to putting the motto of ‘global collaboration’ into practice. The emphasis will be on formulating a long-term response to the changing needs of the market. As we enter a new phase, this will be crucial for Skilrock Technologies and its growing position in the international market. All in all, the Global Annual Meet will set a course for sustainability, innovation and growth in the years to come.

Julian Arabadjiyski, Regional Manager – Europe, Skilrock Technologies, commented “I’m ready to come down to India and prepare a roadmap or plans that establish our new goals and the actions needed to achieve them!”

Alexandre Tauszig, Regional Manager – Latam, Skilrock Technologies, commented “As we enter the new year, we must re-strategize our goals and the Global Meet is the right place to do so. I am excited to be a part of this platform and join in the conversation.”

This is a time of change and growth. Hence, industry leaders will talk about product enhancements, learnings from diverse markets, growth trends, key changes in consumer behavior, business growth, etc. The knowledge-sharing sessions and panel discussions will be followed by exciting talent shows and awards ceremonies.

Skilrock Technologies is dedicated to learning and adapting with great pride. The company is ready to reach new heights and help establish responsible business practices around the world. The Global Annual Meet is a strong step in that direction. For any other information about the event, please contact us.