Date: 27.12.2023

by Antoni Majewski

Last update: 27.12.2023 16:20

Social Initiatives of 2023 – The iGaming Industry Shows Empathy!

In 2023 the iGaming industry witnessed a shift towards social responsibility and community engagement. From major corporations to emerging startups, the sector is embracing a holistic approach that goes beyond just profit margins, focusing on important social initiatives. This year companies in the iGaming industry have massively contributed to social welfare initiatives. In this article, we will look at a couple of interesting initiatives that took place or have been announced this year.

Flutter Entertainment Leads with Generosity

In an act of corporate social responsibility, Flutter Entertainment’s division in the UK and Ireland has committed a sum of over £8 million to charities throughout 2023. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to making a significant impact in the communities where it operates. Key initiatives include Paddy Power’s generous donation of up to £1 million to Prostate Cancer UK, leveraging its sponsorship of the PDC World Darts Championship to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

Furthermore, Betfair introduced the ‘Serial Winners Fund’, with an initial pledge of £100,000 to support both the Injured Jockeys Fund and the Irish Injured Jockeys, tying future donations to the triumphs of renowned jockey Rachel Blackmore. Not to be outdone, Sky Bet launched the ‘Building Foundations Fund’ in partnership with the EFL. This £6 million fund is designed to bolster community activities, offering grants up to £100,000 to EFL clubs. If you’d like to learn more, we have informed about these cases here in the past.

It’s worth noting, that November also marked the annual Safer Gambling Week that is spreading worldwide outside of The UK and became an international initiative. Many suppliers, but also media companies, like iGaming Poland, were angaged in spreading the word about responsible gambling, turning atttention of national media as well.

Clarion Gaming and ICRG Promoted Responsible Gambling

Clarion Gaming has announced a partnership with the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) in November of 2023, in order to promote responsible gambling in the gambling society. The collaboration, spanning up to October 2024, was unveiled during the UK’s Safer Gambling Week. The alliance represents a concerted effort to support individuals and families grappling with gambling disorders.

The ICRG is renowned for it’s dedication to high-quality scientific research and evidence-based educational programming on gambling disorder and responsible gambling. Thanks to the partnership, ICRG will take part in major events, including ICE 2024, spreading awareness and education within the industry.

Kindred Group Spreads Awareness Through Football

Kindred Group, the principal sponsor of Rangers FC, has renewed its support for the club’s community initiative, “Team Talk”, aimed at supporting men’s mental health in Glasgow. The initiative has seen growth, assisting 117 local men so far, with plans for further expansion in 2024. The long-term sponsorship is a part of Kindred’s plans focusing on safer gambling. The Rangers Charity Foundation, benefiting from Kindred’s support, has reached over 10,000 people through various programs.  We have also informed abut the partnership.

Playtech’s Diversity Support

In 2023, Playtech, a key player in the iGaming industry, continued to focus on social responsibility initiatives. A significant part of their efforts was their involvement in the “All-In Diversity” Project. This initiative is aimed at promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion within the industry. This initiative aligns with Playtech’s ongoing global sustainability strategy, “Sustainable Success,” which aims to grow the business positively impacting its people, communities, the environment, and the industry.

Additionally, Playtech demonstrated its commitment to responsible gaming through its participation in Safer Gambling Week 2023.

Sports Betting Industry in Nigeria With Social Initiatives

The evolution of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Nigeria, once dominated by multinational corporations and grey area, has now seeped into varied sectors, including sports betting. This industry, spurred by technological advancements, increased internet accessibility, and a strong sports culture, has become a significant player in Nigeria’s economy and social fabric. Companies like 22Bet are now mbedding CSR into their core, recognizing their responsibility towards societal welfare and ethical practices.

The ethical dimension of sports betting, a delicate balance between entertainment and the risks of gambling addiction, is a critical aspect of CSR in this sector. 22Bet navigates this by offering self-exclusion options, promoting gambling awareness, and providing support for gambling issues, thereby addressing their moral obligations. Initiatives, such as supporting health, education, and community welfare projects, help in reshaping the company’s image, balancing profits with social welfare. Additionally, compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks in Nigeria is crucial for ensuring responsible gambling practices and safeguarding bettor interests. In conclusion, the step forward that Nigeria’s gambling sector took this year, should be noticed.

SOFTSWISS’s Engagement During Natural Disaster in Turkey

In March 2023, SOFTSWISS and CoinsPaid have donated $50,000 to aid those affected by the earthquake in Turkey. The teams have provided container houses, food, and water, particularly to families in urgent need, including those with disabled children or who have lost relatives. Nurullah Yildiz of SOFTSWISS, who visited the earthquake-hit areas, emphasized the devastation witnessed. It’s also worth to note the company’s general commitment to supporting people in crises, similar to their efforts in Ukraine where they’ve donated over 1 million euro. This initiative is part of SOFTSWISS’s ongoing global humanitarian campaigns.

A Strong Year for IGT

In 2023, International Game Technology PLC (IGT) has been actively involved in many different social initiatives.

One of the key achievements of IGT in 2023 is scoring a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index. This index evaluates companies based on their LGBTQ+ workplace equality policies and practices. IGT’s commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for their employees is evident through various initiatives, such as inclusive hiring practices, employee-led groups for diversity programs, comprehensive employee training on unconscious bias and cultural awareness, and support for gender transitions.

Additionally, IGT has shown a strong commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. In the 2023 S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), IGT achieved an improved score for the fourth consecutive year, emphasizing its efforts through Sustainable Play initiatives. This improvement highlights the positive impact of IGT’s initiatives on people, industry, community, and the environment. The CSA uses a best-in-class approach to compare companies across various industries, assessing them on different sustainability criteria​​.

iGaming Sector’s Approach to Ukraine

The iGaming industry has demonstrated remarkable solidarity and support for Ukraine amidst its challenges during war. Various companies within this sector have stepped up, implementing a range of initiatives aimed at providing relief and assistance. Bet on Good Foundation created a volunteer network within Ukraine. In partnership with Gamigtec, the company has launched a volunteer centre in Odesa, a city that has become a hub for refugees and volunteer initiatives.

Evoplay‘s efforts include financial support, community well-being, and contributions to civil defence. Evoplay employees have actively engaged in volunteering and various initiatives, ranging from reconstructing buildings to creating items for defence forces. NuxGame‘s charity,  “Freedom to Ukraine”, provides direct support to Ukrainians and cooperates with global organisations to deliver medicines and humanitarian aid.

Another company, Playson, supports employee volunteering and their initiative of transferring humanitarian aid from Bratislava to Ukraine. They’ve also hosted game tournaments with donation budgets and set up internal fundraising for various causes. Playson’s CEO, Alex Ivshin, has also published an important statement. You can read “One Year On” on our website. Lastly GR8 Tech acknowledged the contributions of their employees who have served in the Armed Forces and volunteered since the onset of the invasion.