by Antoni Majewski

Spinomenal Enters North Macedonian Market Through Strategic Partnership with Megawin

Spinomenal, an iGaming content provider, expands its reach into North Macedonia by teaming up with the state lottery provider, Megawin, to offer a curated selection of its most popular games, enhancing the local gaming landscape.

A Pioneering Move for Spinomenal

Spinomenal, renowned for its innovative and engaging gaming content, has marked its debut in the North Macedonian market through a strategic collaboration with Megawin.mk, the state’s lottery provider. This partnership, facilitated by platform provider E-Card, signifies Spinomenal’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and introduces its acclaimed gaming suite to a new audience.

Culturally Adapted Gaming Experiences

The integration will see some of Spinomenal’s flagship titles, including “Book Of Rebirth,” “Majestic King,” “Pick a Fruit,” and “The Ankh Protector,” being made available on Megawin’s platform. Notably, these games will be localized, offering content in the Macedonian language to ensure an immersive and relatable gaming experience for players.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

Lior Shvartz, CEO of Spinomenal, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Megawin’s strong presence in North Macedonia and the anticipated positive reception of Spinomenal’s games among the local casino audience. This move is seen as a strategic step in engaging with a knowledgeable and discerning player base, further solidifying Spinomenal’s reputation as a provider of choice.

Vlado Petkovski, Chief Coordinator of Interdepartmental Affairs at MEGAWIN.mk, welcomed Spinomenal to the Macedonian market, praising their modern and distinctive approach to online gaming. The addition of Spinomenal’s content is expected to diversify and enrich Megawin’s offerings, providing more entertainment options for clients and signaling a promising future for this collaboration.

A New Chapter in iGaming for North Macedonia

This partnership between Spinomenal and Megawin not only marks a significant milestone for both entities but also represents a pivotal development in North Macedonia’s iGaming landscape. By introducing a fresh portfolio of culturally adapted games, Spinomenal and Megawin are set to elevate the online gaming experience, promising a blend of innovation, engagement, and localized content for players in the region.

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