by Mateusz Mazur

Totalizator Sportowy Embraces New Era with Rafał Krzemień

Totalizator Sportowy, a pivotal entity in Poland’s state-owned gaming sector, is ushering in a new chapter in its illustrious history. The company, known for its significant contributions to the iGaming and gambling industry, recently bid farewell to Olgierd Cieślik, its president of nearly seven years. The baton of leadership has now been passed to Rafał Krzemień, heralding a new era of innovation and growth for the enterprise.

Introducing Rafał Krzemień

Rafał Krzemień is a seasoned manager renowned for his leadership acumen and a rich portfolio of managerial roles. With a foundational education in Law from the University of Szczecin, Krzemień has further honed his skills through postgraduate studies in accounting, banking, finance, and the psychology and sociology of management. His political career commenced with a bid for a seat in the Warsaw district council of Bemowo as a member of the Civic Platform, marking the beginning of his diverse professional journey.

Krzemień’s trajectory in real estate management saw him ascend to the presidency of the Municipal Economy of Ochota and the Foreigners’ Service Enterprise Dipservice, guiding the latter through a transformation into a joint-stock company. His strategic foresight and dedication were instrumental in his roles within the Polish Real Estate Holding (PHN) and later as the vice-president of Poczta Polska and president of the Palace of Culture and Science Board.

Leadership Transition at Totalizator Sportowy

The Totalizator Sportowy’s Supervisory Board initiated a significant reshuffle in the company’s leadership nearly a month ago, resulting in the departure of Olgierd Cieślik, Magdalena Kropka-Wojciechowska, and Rafał Łaski from their respective roles. Stanisław Grabiec temporarily filled the presidential vacancy, with Bogdan Pukowiec retaining his position on the board.

The search for a new president and board members concluded on March 19, marking the appointment of Rafał Krzemień alongside Szymon Gawryszczak and Artur Kapelko, joining Pukowiec and Grabiec in steering the company forward.

Totalizator Sportowy has navigated a period of significant evolution, particularly following the amendment of the gambling law in 2017. Entrusted with a monopoly over online casinos, gaming halls, and lotteries, the company has undergone a comprehensive digital transformation. This initiative led to the launch of Total Casino and the online Lotto platform, solidifying its position in the digital gaming landscape.

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