Date: 17.11.2023

by Mateusz Mazur

Last update: 25.11.2023 10:40

White Hat Gaming’s Rapid Expansion with Bally’s Corporation in the US

White Hat Gaming, a leading iGaming platform provider, has marked a significant milestone by deploying its market-leading Player Account Management (PAM) system across six states in just three months in partnership with Bally’s Corporation.

The latest deployment in New York follows successful rollouts in Indiana, Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, and Ohio.

Enhanced Sportsbook Offering for Players

Bally’s sportsbook offerings have been elevated through the integration of White Hat’s PAM, enhancing the gaming experience for players in these states.

The rapid deployment underscores White Hat Gaming’s efficient operations and the high quality of its platform.

Features of White Hat’s PAM Solution

White Hat’s PAM is celebrated for its scalability and flexibility, meeting the rigorous demands of operators in the US and beyond.

A key feature is the award-winning Traveling Wallet™ functionality, which offers Bally’s online customers a consistent experience across multiple states, including access to the same app, account balance, bonuses, and loyalty offers.

Comprehensive Services in the PAM

The PAM includes a range of services such as CRM marketing support, a proprietary cashier system, multiple payment options, 24/7 customer support, and a suite of player protection tools.

These comprehensive services contribute to an enhanced user experience and operational efficiency.

Anticipation for More US State Rollouts

White Hat Gaming is expected to announce further rollouts with Bally’s in additional US states soon.

These planned launches are nearing completion, indicating a continued expansion of their footprint in the US market.

Leadership Statements

Phil Gelvan, CEO at White Hat Gaming expressed pride in the rapid deployment across six states, stating “Delivering our PAM to Bally’s across six states in under three months is an incredible achievement. It speaks volumes about our ability to move fast in this industry and provide operators with the tech stack required to launch quickly and smoothly.

“Our hard work in supporting the Bally’s team is far from over with more state launches planned. It’s an exciting period for us as we continue to grow our US footprint in record time.”

Robeson Reeves, CEO at Bally’s commended White Hat Gaming for facilitating multiple state launches swiftly, stating “The team at White Hat Gaming has done an incredible job in facilitating numerous state launches in quick succession. They have accelerated our growth strategy as we look to strengthen our online footprint alongside the existing retail presence we hold.

“We are thoroughly looking forward to revealing more launches over the coming weeks, as we continue to build on our mission to become the premier, full-service, vertically integrated casinos and resorts, online sports betting, and iGaming company.”

Our Comment on the Article

The collaboration between White Hat Gaming and Bally’s Corporation exemplifies a strategic and efficient approach to expanding in the competitive US iGaming market.

The rapid and successful deployment of White Hat’s PAM in multiple states demonstrates not only technical excellence but also a strong partnership focused on enhancing player experience and operational agility. As White Hat Gaming prepares for more state launches, this partnership is poised to significantly influence the growth trajectory of both companies and solidify their positions as major players in the US iGaming landscape.

This series of deployments underscores the increasing importance of adaptable and scalable technology solutions in the rapidly evolving iGaming industry.