Surge in Online Gambling Traffic to Unlicensed Sites in Sweden: ATG Report

The report highlights a more than tenfold rise in such traffic, signaling a shift in consumer behavior and a challenge to the regulated market's integrity. Declining Channelisation Rates Channelisation, the process...

UK Government Considers Unified Betting Duty, Freezes Gaming Duty Bands

The proposed consultation suggests a unified tax system, potentially aligning Pool Betting Duty and General Betting Duty with the higher Remote Gaming Duty rate. Current Tax Structure and Proposed Changes Currently,...

UK Government Exempts Gambling Contracts from New Subscription Rules

This legislative update comes as a response to concerns raised by various stakeholders in the gambling industry, particularly society lotteries. Background of the New Subscription Legislation The new legislation mandates businesses...

Belgium Tightens Enforcement on Unlicensed Gambling Activities

The guidelines emphasize a tougher stance on online gambling operators who function without a license, classifying such activities as criminal offenses. This move marks a clear demarcation of responsibilities...
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On the Edge of Legality – The World of Australian Online Gambling

Online casinos and betting services attract millions of Australians annually. In 2022, the value of the Australian online gambling market reached approximately 4.6 billion dollars, maintaining an upward trend....

EU Court Annuls Commission Decision on Dutch Gambling Licence Extensions

The case, identified as T-167/21, was brought forth by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), which challenged the Commission's 2020 decision approving the Netherlands' extension of existing gambling...
Amazon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Illegal Gambling Operations

Amazon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Illegal Gambling Operations

The Allegations Against Amazon The lawsuit, filed by a Nevada resident, claims Amazon earned billions of dollars by distributing casino-style apps and processing payments for virtual chips. This action, according to...

Detroit Casino Workers Strike: A Battle for Fairness Amidst Online Betting Boycott

The Strike and Its Impact The Detroit Casino Council (DCC), representing these workers, is intensifying their efforts by calling for a public boycott against prominent online betting platforms like FanDuel,...
Veikkaus Adapts to New Finnish Gambling System with Organizational Changes

Veikkaus Adapts to New Finnish Gambling System with Organizational Changes

This transition is both an opportunity and a challenge for the company. Organizational Restructuring Heli Lallukka, Executive Vice President, HR at Veikkaus, noted that this shift necessitates significant changes within the...
Finland Veikkaus Prepares for a Transformative Era in the Gambling Industry iGamingExpress

New Era in Finnish Scratch Cards: A Step Towards Responsible Gaming

This change, marking the inclusion of the last product group into the identification system, aligns with the country's commitment to responsible gambling. Seamless Identification Process Purchasing and claiming winnings for scratch...

Philippine Gaming Industry Set for a High Stakes Future

PAGCOR's Chairman and CEO, Ajejandro H. Tengco, credits the lifting of travel and movement restrictions for sparking increased demand in various sectors, including dining and shopping, along with gaming...

Sweden Proposes Stringent Measures to Curb Risky Credit in Gambling

Expanding Credit Ban in Gambling Legislation A standout proposal involves broadening the scope of the credit ban stipulated in the Gambling Act (2018:1138). This extension would make it illegal for license...